Mitsubishi and Used Car Finance Center in Harrisburg, PA

Finance or Lease Your Next Vehicle from Platinum Mitsubishi

One of the biggest questions facing Harrisburg shoppers when purchasing a new vehicle is whether to lease the car or buy and finance it. Our finance center at Platinum Mitsubishi in Harrisburg has all the resources - from new vehicles, shopping tools, and helpful experts - to simplify your leasing or car buying experience.

No Matter Your Credit Score, Platinum Mitsubishi Assists Your Financing Journey

Our Mitsubishi dealership in Harrisburg, PA has a long history and willingness to work with customers from Chambersburg, Carlisle and beyond no matter their credit history. We enjoy working with drivers who have good credit, poor credit, or even no credit at all. Financing a new or used car is a fantastic way to boost your credit score and its reputation. Despite facing poor credit burdens, we want you to lean on the seasoned financial experts you can trust.

Explore Wide Range of Leasing & Buying Options in Our New & Used Inventory

Shoppers from Carlisle and York, PA will love our selection of new Mitsubishi cars, hatchbacks and CUVs for sale like the Mitsubishi Mirage, Mirage G4, Outlander, Outlander Sport, and Eclipse Cross. These are great Mitsubishi models to finance or lease in Harrisburg! Start exploring our new Mitsubishi inventory for your next leasing or purchasing option.

While leasing is not an option for used vehicles, financing them is simple and affordable. Our vast used car lineup features popular pre-owned models from more than a dozen top-selling brands. The Platinum Mitsubishi finance team will work with you to finance your favorite car, truck or SUV.

The Platinum Mitsubishi finance center works with Harrisburg shoppers for both leasing and financing. As we dive into the benefits of financing and leasing, don't hesitate to reach out to our financial experts with a call or click. We're happy to help our loyal customers from Chambersburg, Carlisle and York, PA decide which route is best suited for their budget and driving lifestyle.

Leasing 101 and the Benefits of Taking This Route

Carlisle drivers should consider the following benefits to leasing a new car from our Mitsubishi dealership in Harrisburg:

  • Leasing leads to lower monthly payments
  • Little to no down payment is required
  • Drive the newest Mitsubishi models showcasing the latest trends, safety & technology features
  • Easily transition to a new Mitsubishi at the end of your lease, roughly every two to three years
  • Broaden your Mitsubishi vehicle shopping selection with greater budget flexibility
  • Lower maintenance costs & minimal repairs thanks to a factory warranty lasting the lease's length
  • No used car hassles - Simply return your leased vehicle rather than having to sell it

Chambersburg customers will find that leasing is similar to purchasing a new car on several fronts. Setting a budget, providing a credit score, and making a shopping list of preferred models and body styles are all crucial. The difference is ownership. Leasing is essentially like renting a vehicle for an extended time period. Monthly payments are still the norm, but most lease deals last between two to four years, on average. Your monthly payment is less due to the fact you're paying for the depreciation difference in expected value over the course of the lease.

Your leasing agreement - which is the contract between the lessor or lessee - details how many miles Harrisburg motorists can drive the new Mitsubishi without penalty, how they're expected to maintain it, and what condition in which the vehicle needs to be returned to Platinum Mitsubishi.

Benefits of Buying & Financing a New or Used Car

The benefits to financing a new Mitsubishi or a pre-owned vehicle from a top-selling brand are polar opposites from the leasing route. Consider the following benefits to buying and financing your next car in Harrisburg:

  • 100% personal car ownership once your vehicle is paid off
  • Little to no down payment is required
  • No more payments whatsoever after the loan term ends
  • Low-interest rates with the help of your friends at the Platinum Mitsubishi finance center
  • Build equity in your car, truck, van or SUV over time
  • Free range! Unlike leasing, there are no limits on the number of miles you can drive
  • Cost is more spread out
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Personalization - Ownership allows you to customize the vehicle and make it your own
  • Refinancing can save Carlisle customers money in the future
  • Potentially lower car insurance rates

More Pennsylvanians are familiar with the traditional route of buying and financing a car. Your monthly payment is the cost of interest on your auto loan plus a set monthly payment. You can trade in your current vehicle and apply its remaining value as a down payment on your purchase. The great part about buying a car is that once your car loan is paid in full, the vehicle is yours and yours alone. Chambersburg drivers know there is something extra satisfying about complete ownership.

Utilize Our Online Finance Tools to Begin Your Leasing or Financing Journey

No matter which route York, PA shoppers prefer, Platinum Mitsubishi has the online finance shopping tools and resources to expedite your leasing or financing experience. Our online finance application is a great way for Harrisburg customers to pre-qualify for an auto loan. Our Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer is a great tool for an accurate appraisal of your current vehicle, allowing you to decide if you want to receive cash or a down payment on your next vehicle. Finance or lease with us in Harrisburg today!